Anfernee Lopena of Track and Field, Hidilyn Diaz of Weightlifting and Nelson Asuncion of Badminton share there inspiring and motivating stories that talks about there life, training and the need of support for Filipino National Athletes. 

Anfernee Lopena

“A Filipino athlete should be hardworking and committed that no matter the circumstances are you just pursue dedication.”

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Hidilyn Diaz

“ I’ll always be thankful to God for nothing is impossible as long as you work hard in every training and in every competition.” 

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Nelson Asuncion

“Dream your dream and do your best. Never doubt, never rest, until that dream is yours.”

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Alyssa Valdez (Volleyball), Mika Reyes (Volleyball), Chris Tiu (Basketball), Francesca Altamonte (Softball), Kevin Alas (Baskteball), Alvin Patrimonio (Basketball), and Ronelon Pagkaligawan (Softball) shares there success stories on how their respective sports help them reach where they are in their life now. 

Alyssa Valdez

“Every athlete would say that the ball is round, everything is manageable so just give your 100% and your whole heart, you wouldn’t know the reward you would achieve.” 

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Mika Reyes

“It warms the heart that volleyball is getting the recognition it deserves since it wasn’t well known before but now we should give recognition and support to every sport and to every athlete.”

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Chris Tiu

“It’s not just about playing basketball it’s about representing the country because now you’re playing for yourself, family, team and representing the entire nation all 90 to 100 million Filipinos.”

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Francesca Altamonte

“There is a lot more pressure playing for the national team than there is playing for college because you’re representing your country, you’re representing a lot bigger than yourself but the entire Philippines.” 

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Kevin Alas

“You’ll want to represent the team as best as you can, that’s why the margin of error should be lessened. You have to be at your best always.” 

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Alvin Patrimonio

“When you are given the opportunity or chance to serve your fellow men you just have to give your everything.”

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Ronelon Pagkaligawan

“We will give them a good fight.” 

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