Life of National athletes

“ The rewards of being a National Athlete can include scholarships, opportunities, and recognitions but what does an athlete have to sacrifice in order to sow all the hard work he or she has reaped. The best athletes make daily sacrifices to bring home triumph and greatness. ” 

Financial Sacrifices

Our athletes does not always have the means of providing every equipment and financial stability to be able to join local and international games. Without proper funding our athletes have no choice but to use their own money in order to cater to their needs, which most of our athletes lack. Let us help bring change by donating what we can and the little ways we as Filipinos can do for the athletes that represent our country with blood, sweat and tears. 

Support and Recognition

Athletes are always thankful for those who appreciate and recognize the efforts they provide in giving service to our country. The ways we can help them get more support and recognition is by encouraging everyone to promote different athletes and different kinds of sports in this way we are able to strengthen the mental and physical conditions of athletes who are always giving their 100% in trainings and in competitions.

Aspire and Inspire

To be able to bring inspiration to those aspiring athletes is a big step towards transformation and motivation, this proves that every story and every plea from our athletes were heard and was able to bring a movement that transpired into their hearts and minds that someday they want to represent the country by being an athlete. 

Cultivate Literacy

We believe that through proper education and proper knowledge regarding sports and the Philippine culture, We can provide people to learn beyond what they know in sports and in athletes not only will they be able to realize and know sports but it will give them the sense of appreciation and action that there must be something we can do in order to provide change. This is about having a broader knowledge that sports is relevant and that sports inspires and changes lives. 

Sports Poverty

There is no denying that one of the biggest issue when it comes to athletes is that they lack what they need and what they need is better facilities, sufficient supplies of vitamins, sleeping quarters, training equipments and better programs. Talents and skills goes to waste if not nourished properly, let’s give importance to sports since it not only recognizes our athletes but the sports that come along with them, it gives the hope and the sense of nationalism within our hearts that we are thankful and proud to those athletes that give service to our nation.


Our government may provide incentives and budget but it does not always cater and cover to all their needs. Our athletes always mention and suggest that there is a need to have better and longer programs for their respective sports in that sense, there must be proper conditioning of mental and physical attributes for athletes, longer time to train but enough break and sufficient amount of personal needs to procure. The Government should also work hand in hand with Non-government organizations to be able to give a stable and working program to every athlete and every sport. 

Private Sectors

Most of the funding and budget are from those non government organizations that believed and continues to support our National Athletes without them most of our athletes wouldn’t succeed. That’s why we are grateful for those helping hands that provide what athletes can’t. Be part in providing transformation and innovation.